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ハムスター Hamster spy in action

♔ Black and white kitten

All jokes aside that's amazing I'm so proud of you 😙😙😙

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson in MJ shirt and LA gear sneakers.

Michael Jackson - They Don't Really Care About Us | Excerpts from King of Pop Music ღ @carlamartinsmj

day a song you listen to when you are angry- they don't really care about us~ michael jackson

You give me butterflies inside Michael... ღ by ⊰@carlamartinsmj⊱

You give me butterflies inside Michael.



Michael Jackson Songs – Közösség – Google+

The king of pop ruling my world

Não tenha pena dele ele fez pacto com o diabo. Tinha um guru particular que agora é o guru da lady gaga.

Michael Jackson, Black or White, Panther Dance

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Awe!! ❤️

Hope everyone gave their mamas a kiss for mother's day :-)