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South African Model Thando Hopa, one of the first albino models in South Africa. Albino Human, Albino Model, African Models, African Beauty, Girls Rock, Black Models, Black Is Beautiful, South African, Beautiful Face
South African Model Thando Hopa, one of the first albino models in South Africa.
an abstract painting with gold and blue colors
art prints - Undertow
Undertow by Julia Contacessi More
a glass ball sitting on top of a sand dune in the middle of the desert
coffee and cigarettes
What is the exact point of transition from sand and glass?
a woman with white hair is laying down
Ava Clarke
15+ Albino People Who’ll Mesmerize You With Their Otherworldly Beauty
a woman walking down a runway in front of a spotlight on her face and hair
aint nobody fresher
- of the sun - / She looks like the Aztec version of the princess from the Disney Atlantis movie.
a woman with her hands on her head and body painted in blue, white and purple
And she is all the Galaxies; the Stars and the Moons, the Suns in all the Worlds. She is Goddess. LRC March. 3, 2017.
two hands reaching out towards each other over a woman's face with the sun in the background
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Anyanwu Nail Care, Top Coat, Base Coat, Matte Top Coat, Leaping Bunny, Us Nails, Nail Lacquer, Touch Up, Gold Glitter
a drawing of a woman's face with the sun above her head
Sunny and her spirit self Anyanwu, from Akata Witch book series
a drawing of a woman with long hair and sunflowers on her head
Sun Goddess Anyanwu – [An-yan-wew] “Eye of the Sun” or “The Light” is an Igbo deity from Nigeria that is believed to dwell in the sun.