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Dewdrops of Devotion Crystal Mobile Suncater
BEST SELLER!!! My forget me not Swarovski crystal mobile suncatcher is an exquisite feng shui positive energy piece, 15th anniversary gift, memorial suncatcher gift as I can personalize this as well! #crystalsuncatcher #suncatcher #15thanniversary #lightcatcher #rainbowmaker #crystalenergy #fengshui #swarovskicrystal #crystalgifts #forgetmenot #crystalart #crystallovers #glassart #crystalvibes #crystaldecor #memorialsuncatcher #aesthetic #art #handmade #giftsforher #giftideas #weddinggift
My glass garden
there is a tall multicolored glass sculpture on the outside of a house in front of a palm tree
Glass Rain Chains – Some Great Ideas
a tree with many different colored beads hanging from it's branches in the woods
two potted plants hanging from hooks on a window sill
Hanging Teacup Planters
a blue and white plate hanging from a metal stand in the grass with trees in the background
19 Unique Bird Feeders
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling with beads and stones on it's sides
How to Make a Windchime for Cheap
I’ve always loved wind chimes and I’ve made quite a few over the years, but this time I wanted to do something completely different from all the wind chimes that I’ve created before.I was packing up a large donation box for the thrift store recently and I found a small lampshade that I had put in the box a while back.And I had a light bulb moment. For this lampshade wind chime project I’m using the one dollar 5″ tall lampshade that I rescued from the thrift store donation box, $1 eac…
a wooden shelf with pots and pans filled with flowers on it's sides
"Elevate Your Garden, Elevate Your Soul." "Where Nature Meets Elegance."