Antal Büki

Antal Büki
München, Budapest / madanti ltd theatercostume, wigs, shoes, jewellery
Antal Büki
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Necklace | Thea Tolsma. “onder vleugels” (underwings) 2009. Backview. Rubber; inner tubes.

“onder vleugels” (underwings) THEA TOLSMA, 45 x 45 cm rubber, onyx, gold Miraculous objects They are not made of metal or glass, but of rubber.


COM It's amazing how feathers can totally alternate a look! Loving this goth man and his mysterious look this is a little extreeme goth, but I love the black feathers/ crowlike nature of it


I like how the layer of clothing underneath is made out of feathers, I think that this could be used within my work in sections. I also like how the shirt is very basic with just the black feathers, yet it stands out more than the jacket