Antal Krisztián

Antal Krisztián

Ide most valami nagyon mélyen szántó gondolat kéne esetlet egy szép idézet ami szerintem illik rám. Vagy mondjuk ìrhatnám azt is, hogy aki ismer az tudja milyen
Antal Krisztián
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DIY Blacksmithing Anvil | Blacksmithing & Forging | DIY Forge, Knife Making Projects and Anvil Crafting Tutorials at | #pioneersettler | #homesteading | #selfreliance

Diy Blacksmithing Anvil Blacksmithing Amp Forging Diy Forge Knife Making Projects And Anvil Crafting

Picture of Make a War Axe!

I've recently been watching many historical movies, such as braveheart,vikings etc. and i really wanted to have that fearsome weapon that is used in old wars and.

Picture of wooden beer mug

This instructable is for making a big wooden beer mug. I made it x It is not so suitible for drinking beer (pallet wood can be toxic) but for decorative.

Picture of Materials

Every person eating tons of meat and drinking even more beer is either a dwarf or a viking. A drinking horn.

Picture of Sword-hilted Broken-back Seax

Bench made knives are the ones made with the aid of bench tools. For a knife to be truly handmade it needs to be done without the use of power tools.

Picture of Weapons - Axe

Here you may find anything from video game or sci-fi props, to steampunk or fantasy,.