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a man in uniform is standing with his arms crossed and the caption reads, the british saying how they bravely escaped from dunkink
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an image of a woman wearing a hat with words above it that read pope henry you can't just go divoring all these women
26 Funny Pics That'll Muster A Chuckle
an american trade with us and japan
Picture memes Sdbz0SUZ6 — iFunny
the simpsons saying that it's important to be in germany
It’s coming for you
a map with the name of croatia on it
Twenty-Five History Memes Our Teachers Never Showed Us
two pictures with one saying germany getting blamed for both world wars you think this is funny?
57 Dank History Memes That Roast Pretty Much Everyone
the simpsons character holding an american and japanese flag
Picture memes Sswulqaz6 — iFunny
an info sheet with pictures of different things in the world, including skulls and flags
40 Random Memes You'll Want To Share With Your Friends And Family
thomas the tank engine is shown in three different pictures with caption that reads, russian and
jesus christ is my [N word]
an image of france and germany with the caption that says, i'm going to
Alternate route
Fifty History Memes Full Of Educational Humor
Fifty History Memes Full Of Educational Humor
four different pictures of the same man's face
Historical Memes For A Dose Of Educational Humor (29 Memes)