these are all genius!!!! And I thought what we did was funny! Lol.

Funny pictures about Best of Disneyland's Splash Mountain. Oh, and cool pics about Best of Disneyland's Splash Mountain. Also, Best of Disneyland's Splash Mountain photos.


Funny pictures about Thor. Thor Everywhere. Oh, and cool pics about Thor. Thor Everywhere. Also, Thor. Thor Everywhere.

Photoshop hacks

I mean, that wheezy laugh where I could barely breathe, with tears running from my eyes. Markiplier and Chica

This will probably be me as a mother...

Funny pictures about Common Accident. Oh, and cool pics about Common Accident. Also, Common Accident photos.

It needed to be done

It needed to be done

The road to Eldorado! Thor and Loki! The lion king! They're pretty much my favourite movies combined *swoons*

Knock knock

It should be Michael Scott driving through saying, "it's Britney bitch"

Can confirm the last one

Countryballs is a user-generated Internet meme where countries are presented as spherical personas, poking fun at national stereotypes and international relations, as well as historical conflicts.


Picdump #207

How can you see where the spider is in the dark though? Haha guess you'd have to reach for the light switch and touch the spider. Lets all think about that next time we flip a light switch in the dark