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an iron door with a spider web design on it
DECORAR & HIERRO Déjanos entrar en tu casa o tu... - integraldefachadasycubiertasl
a person holding a metal object in their hand
an old style knife sitting on top of a wooden barrel with a metal blade sticking out of it
Its engraved for my motorcycle. By nonon tantri, 12 april 2014 (denpasar, bali).
an old fashioned faucet has been made into a christmas tree from scrap wood
an old pair of wrenches laying on the ground with grass and weeds in the background
random crap
💀Vintage Polish Floral Armor Antler Skull Ring
💀The super realistic skull carved from top quality deer antler of high density embedded in an intricate floral ornament silver ring band makes this piece an absolute eye-catcher. 🦹👿>>
an old metal toy car is sitting on the ground
Camino equibocado.
a metal motorcycle on display in front of a sign that reads texap and has the word