Measurements for corsets Might need to know this someday! #renratsguide

DIY Custom Corset Measurements from Electra Designs. Go to the link for a whole worksheet on exactly how to take these measurements.

sleeve armour

Stunning Steampunk inspired Gothic Armour accessory from Red Queen's Black Legion. This sleeve armour is gorgeously detailed featuring brass buttons, bolts, and made from a brown faux leather to give an authentic Steampunk look.

Possibles Bag

Handmade Leather Stitched Tooth Mountainman Blackpowder Shoulder Bag Purse

Bohemian Tribal - Make up

The makeup worn by a modern nomad:-) Henna, ethnic patterns, tribal design


Indira Schauwecker, Toni & Guy, Covent Garden, London: 2012 Avant Garde winner for the British Hairdressing Awards an Grand Trophy winner for AIPP. Yes, this is real hair!