Based on the unnumbered Major Arcana card in the traditional Tarot deck - " The Fool" (French: "Le fou")

Jake Baddeley "The Fool"

Jake Baddeley "The Fool" 2006 Putting Jake Baddeley's work on this site is a no-brainer. His paintings integrate tarot imagery with religious iconography and other hermetic allusions.

Tyldwick Tarot - The Fool

Tyldwick Tarot - The Fool - I like the idea of the fool revealed in your reflection.

"0" THE FOOL. by Gregg Hierholzer, gregghierholzer@gmail.com

"0" THE FOOL. by Gregg Hierholzer, gregghierholzer@gmail.com

Sepia Stain Tarot

Sepia Stain Tarot: The Fool 0 - The Fool (Tarot Card) The Fool Tarot Card. †he fool Tarot

In the traditional Tarot card deck the Fool card holds a special place. In most images of the Fool, a vagabond or wandering minstrel is seen about to walk off a cliff. This represents taking a “blind leap of faith” or “launching one’s self into the void.” Some experts say the Fool also represents taking action where circumstances are unknown, and/or taking a risk.

Next in is the Fool card, numbered zero as he is a reflection of the self, appearing fifth within Holy Wood. Manson's reinterpretation of the Fool