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an image of the webpage layout for a website with different colors and sizes, including blue
3333.jpg by HeiMaUX
Check out the list view for the tournament home page
two screens showing the time and date on their phones, one is running while the other is walking
UI Design in Health & Fitness Apps
Recently I was looking around for some inspiration for a health app I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. So I thought of putting…
an image of a computer screen with many different screens and numbers on the screen, all in
bank-design-fullview.jpg by Arjan Leeuwinga
Bank design fullview
the app is displayed on an iphone screen, with text and icons above it that reads $
Nequi por Bancolombia s.a.
an orange and white map with the words gym beam on it's left side
map-actual-position.png by Adrian Reznicek
Map actual position
thermostat app on an iphone showing temperature, heat and air freshness
iPhone Wink 5
an app showing the calculator and weight chart for each person's body
BMI Calculator‎
BMI Calculator‎
two iphone screens showing different dashboards and statistics on the same screen, each displaying data
Teacher Dashboard
Teacher Dashboard by Sourav Maity 
an info board showing how to use the app on your iphone or ipad, and what it
Funda App
Funda App – iOSUp