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Shape sort

Shape sort

Paint rocks and sea shells for decoration use markers on wood

Decorate a souvenir stone from a beach trip with Zentanngle-style art. And voila! A simple stone becomes Art! An ordinary Rock, well, rocks!


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Magnetic Number Sticks: Craft sticks with numerals & a magnet strip to hold the right amount of paper clips. LOVE IT!

Counting and number recognition activities: Magnetic number sticks. Bright, colorful, fun, and easy to make! A must have for young children and primary classrooms.

Cool idea for bottlecaps of all the different beers my friends and I have tried!

i love this idea. cannot afford an original but maybe i can use up my own buttons for something sorta like this? Vintage Button Badge Heart Canvas by Brigitte Herrod via Rockett St George.

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Free series of journal pages where students count and write how many. Images include ten frames and dots.