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Melinda Malata

Melinda Malata
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Clever design solutions to STORAGE - BOOKCASES & SHELVING (I have always loved BOXES! (in this age of e-readers and e-books - still love hard-copy books)… Bookcases in a hallway/pass-thru. That's right exploit every single space possible.

Baby bean bag. Genius! Great for reflux, no flat heads and it looks super comfy and cozy. Cute idea!!!!

beanbag filler Picture - More Detailed Picture about Sandy's Store Filler!Top Quality Baby Sofa/Baby Seat/Baby Bean Bag New Baby Beanbag Picture in Baby Seats & Sofa from Sunny Mood

Baby Kid Toddler Car Seat Travel Neck Saver Protector Head Support Animal Pillow

Baby Kid Toddler Animal Car Travel Neck Saver Head Rest U Pillow Support Cushion in Baby, Car Seats & Accessories, Car Seat Accessories

1 toilet paper holder

pinner said: Woke up from a nap to a text from a number I've never seen with this picture attached. Soon after they texted back saying wrong number. - at least if it's gonna be a wrong number it's entertaining.

Fox and Cat Pillows

An Interview and Catalog Feature!