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The Falkirk Wheel—As the centrepiece of The Millennium Link, the project to reconnect and regenerate the Forth & Clyde and Union canals, The Falkirk Wheel is hailed as a monument to the skills of modern engineering. Created to replace the flight of eleven locks that originally connected the two canals, the magnificent 115 ft Wheel is made of steel with two giant caissons each capable of carrying up to four boats at a time.

The Falkirk Wheel is a rotating boat lift in Scotland. It connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. The difference in height of the two canals at the wheel is 24 metres ft), roughly equivalent to the height of an eight-story building.

Hand Tramming: Winner Creek Trail | Chugach National Forest, Alaska

hiking on the Winner Creek Trail and using the Glacier Creek Hand Tram, Chugach National Forest, Alaska. Hope this excites you as much as me!

Statue of Juliet in her Courtyard Verona, Italy Touching the right breast of the bronze statue of Juliet in the small courtyard will bring luck to all who are trying to find their true love.

Guest Post – Experience the Romance of Verona, Italy

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The Umshiang double-decker living root bridge near Nongriat village in Meghalaya state, India. The bridge is made from the roots of rubber trees, carefully guided across the expanse with betel nut tree trunks over several decades.

Nongriat and the living root bridges of Meghalaya

The dense jungle and uninterrupted rains of Meghalaya called out to Ankita Pincha, who trekked through the prettiest villages and narrow streams to make her way to its incredible, fantastical Living Root bridges.

Cuba Travel | Havana Travel | Where to Go | Nightlife | Travel Tips | Travel Destinations |  #DominicanAbroad #travel #travelblog  #travelblogs #travelblogger #travelwriter #Dominican #Cuba #Havana #Tourism #Clubs

A Personal Guide to Havana's Best Restaurants, Nightlife, Art, & More

After living in Havana, photographing and writing about Cuba for years, I've finally put together a list of my top favorite best things to do in Cuba!

Why I will not boycott travel to Myanmar & what you can do to help |   DominicanAbroad.Com |  #DominicanAbroad #travel #travelblog  #travelblogs #travelblogger #travelwriter #Dominican #Myanmar #Tourism

Why I Will NOT Boycott Travel to Myanmar & What You Can Do to Help

Why I will not boycott travel to Myanmar & what you can do to help | DominicanAbroad.Com | #DominicanAbroad #travel #travelblog #travelblogs #travelblogger #travelwriter #Dominican #Myanmar #Tourism

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves located just outside the main Waitomo township on the North Island of New Zealand is a famous attraction because of a sizeable population of glowworms that live in the caves. . Glowworms or Arachnocampa luminosa are tiny bioluminescent creatures that produce a blue-green light and are found exclusively in New Zealand. .  Photo by shaun_jeffers (IG) |  Follow us @PostcardandTag for more travel inspiration and tag your travel pics #postcardandtag!

Glowworms Illuminate New Zealand’s Caves Photographer Shaun Jeffers traveled to the Waitomo area to capture its limestone caves, which are illuminated by glowworms. The alien-like critters emit a phosphorescent turquoise light.

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Heading to New York City? Here are my favorite free things to do in the Big Apple (and a few worth paying for)

Bronx Dominican who travels the world. Get to know me better in this recent post on my travel blog. | | #DominicanAbroad #travel #travelblog #travelblogs #travelblogger #travelwriter #Dominican #Blogposts #American

Ten Common Misconceptions About Me, A Dominican American Abroad

Ten Common Misconceptions About Me, A Dominican American Abroad - Dominican Abroad

#DominicanAbroad #travel #travelblog #travelblogs #travelblogger #travelwriter #Dominican

#DominicanAbroad #travel #travelblog #travelblogs #travelblogger #travelwriter #Dominican