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the text is written in french on a black background with blue lines and white letters
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the text message is in french and it appears to be someones faulting at him
a pink poster with the words,'i ammersi telement que tu voies ce que je mois '
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a pink square with black writing on it and an image of a man's face
a text message with an image of a man on the phone and another person in the background
a blue background with the words'j'avais besoin d'toi, teais pas la '
a black background with the words y'n des choses qui on dit pas
a black background with red and white text that reads, je suis si perdu mais j'aimerais antt l'aimer et l'amer
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a white background with the words pauls 51 12 and an image of a cross
the words are written in french and english on a white background with snow flakes
a black background with the words ill y'a dieu