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Overwatch - D.VA in Pastels

Dva Pastel by luffie Sweet beautiful Dva illustration in Pastel Colors! Gonna make a tutorial on this one! Seems that this technique is simple enough, if time permits, I might make more Overwatch portraits with similar style!

Legend of Zelda Redesign Concept Art - Created by Jessica Smith

mei-xing: “It’s back! The Zelda paintings are rolling now that I have a bit more time for personal work :) Here’s a painting of a scene that I imagine could happen when Link starts off at Death.

The bosses of Ocarina of Time

chico-hada: “doodlebarr: “ Well, I’m calling it. I started this in October as a personal challenge, and while I clearly didn’t finish it by that time, I am really happy with all the work that I put into it. I definitely learned a lot and.