Áron Vecsernyés

Áron Vecsernyés

Áron Vecsernyés
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Metropolis of Tomorrow • natehalley: Dystopia, digital art, 2014

Sweet pictures of futuristic cities! We are, of course, heavily indebted to architect visionaries like Hugh Ferriss and his Metropolis of Tomorrow,.

Cyberpunk Night City Megapolice

The neon lighting in this environment usually symbolizes that it's a busy area with either casino's or arcades in. It must be a major town or place like Las Vegas.

Cyberpunk - Vurt - Mathemagician by 5ofnovember

Post-flood, "CHIMERA = a DNA molecule with sequences derived from two or more different organisms, formed by laboratory manipulation." <<< Cyberpunk - Vurt - Mathemagician by