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Self-taught artist Rajacenna only began drawing two years ago, and since then has never stopped! She strives for perfection in each image she makes. Some drawings may take up to 20 minutes to create, while others take 40 hours.

Jeonghan and S.Coups

Jeonghan and S.Coups super shipo so queria estar no lugar do s.

Jeonghan, Pledis 17, Ship, Eyes, Angel, Seventeen, Drama, Sailing, Couples, Candle, Angels, Ships, Couple, Boating, Romantic Couples, Human Eye, Dramas, Boat

Drama, Angel, Young Couples, Sailing, Vines, Jeonghan, Ships, Luhan, Seventeen, Candle, Boats, Climber Plants, Angels, Boating, Grape Vines, Dramas, Vitis Vinifera