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homemade frozen fries with ketchup in a white bowl on a wooden table and text overlay that reads how to make homemade frozen fries
The #1 Way to Use Up Your Soft, Sprouting Potatoes
Use up those slightly wrinkled, soft potatoes before they go bad. Turn 'em into happiness. In the form of grab anytime, FROZEN FRENCH FRIES. I made a big whack batch of frozen fries with all the potatoes I grew that are starting to sprout. And you can too. Today. On the blog.
a bucket filled with coal next to a fire pit and text that reads how to light a charcoal grill using vegetable oil & a paper towel
How to Light a Charcoal Grill (Without Lighter Fluid)
How to light a charcoal grill the FIRST time. No chimney, no lighter fluid. Just some cooking oil and a paper towel. Works every time.
two spoons filled with different types of food on top of a black plate next to the words how to make paprka
How to Make Paprika or Cayenne Pepper
How to make paprika (or cayenne pepper) out of grocery store peppers. You can also make hot pepper flakes that are infinitely better than any you'd buy in the grocery store or steal off the table of a local restaurant. I'll show you how.
a bowl of pasta with the title how to make pesto pasta in it on a blue and white plate
Creamy Pesto Pasta with Zucchini & Goat Cheese
Creamy pesto pasta with random vegetables. Whatever you have in the fridge or garden at any given time will work. For me it was red peppers and .... yes ... zucchini. Add some pesto and goat cheese and you're done. Total time: 20 minutes (seriously a REAL 20 minutes, not a blogger 20 minutes)
the ingredients for marshmallow fruit salad are shown
Marshmallow Fruit Salad - The Dessert Salad
It's a dessert, it's a salad, it's a concoction you're embarrassed to serve anyone outside of your family. This is not your average healthy salad filled with green things that are good for you. It's a concoction of marshmallows, canned fruit, coconut and sour cream. Sounds gross, tastes delicious. My recipe and the genuinely ORIGINAL Ambrosia recipe from when it first appeared in an 1867 cookbook.
a black and white photo of a poodle
A Philip Photo Update.
Philip. The 7 month old blue Standard Poodle.
an older woman sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a dry erase wall
Make a DIY Whiteboard Wall Using Dry Erase Paint.
My home office got 10 million times better. And more fun! DIY dry erase boards are fine, but your ideas are bigger than a dry erase board! Your ideas deserve a dry erase WALL. Yup. I have an entire office wall painted with whiteboard paint. It's completely invisible unless you write on it with dry erase markers. A quick DIY tutorial here.
baked beans on a white plate with a spoon next to it and the title reads baked beans from scratch baked beans
Old Fashioned Baked Beans From Scratch
How to make old fashioned baked beans from scratch. Done low and slow in the oven in an old fashioned bean pot. These take 2 days to make and they taste like it! The majority of the time is spent soaking the beans and baking them in the oven with very little actual hands on prep. SO delicious.
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decorated cookies with the words how to make snickerpoodles
Snickerpoodles: A Doggone Delight
Poodle sugar cookies made with (GASP) Pillsbury sugar cookie dough and no poodle cookie cutter. You roll balls of dough and align them so when they bake they magically meld into poodles. Flood with royal icing and you have some show champion cookies.
fried gnocchi with browned butter and crispy sage leaves in a bowl
Pan fried gnocchi with browned butter and crispy sage leaves. The perfect meal for a blustery night. 15 minutes start to finish if you use store bought gnocchi. Longer obviously if you make your own.
a white bowl filled with soup sitting on top of a wooden table next to bread
6 fall soups to keep the winter chill off because nobody wants to sit by the fire with a big bowl of salad. Black bean, Carrot Ginger, Firebroth and more ...
how to rice potatoes in a pot on the stove
Never peel a potato again. Use a Potato Ricer.
If you aren't doing it already, using a potato ricer is going to change your life! No it isn't. It really won't. But it's a great tool for getting smooth, creamy potatoes that eliminates the need to peel (the potato ricer does that work after they're cooked!)
the cover of red cabbage is being spooned into a bowl with shredded vegetables in it
German Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage Recipe. Like Oma used to make.
A European style red cabbage recipe for your holiday table (or freezer!!) this year. I make a batch in the fall, put it into individual sized containers and freeze it for use through the winter. Yep. It freezes PERFECTLY.
a vase filled with yellow flowers sitting on top of a white table next to a sign that says, all about buzzz buttons
All About Buzz Button aka Szechuan Button
These flowers are topping drinks in Vegas and salads in New York. Learn all about 'em and how to grow them. I've been doing it for years. Also known as Toothache plant because of its ability to NUMB your mouth.😂 Yup. Perfectly safe and edible AND easy to grow in your own garden.
a cup filled with whipped cream sitting on top of a saucer
How to make Maple Whipped Cream for topping all of your fall favourites. I mean, if we're being honest here in this safe space of Pinterest, you're probably going to just eat it out of the bowl with your fingers, but let's pretend just for a moment we're actually going to put it on pumpkin pie.