Fashion - German/Duch Renaissance (early 16 c.)

German/Duch Renaissance (early 16 c.) fashion and lifestyle
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Detail of a saint form the Paumgartner altar by  Albrecht Dürer,1503
Elisabeth Bellinghausen by Bartholomäus Bruyn the Elder,c. 1530s
Portraits of Claus Stalburg and Margarete von Rhein by the  Master of the Stalburg portraits,1504
Piper and Drummer Albrecht Dürer,1503
Portrait of a Lady by Lucas Cranach the Younger,1539
Albrecht III Burgrave of  Neuremberg and his wives Elisabeth of Luxemburg and  Beatrix von Zollern,1497
Detail from the  "Allegory of Redemption" by Lucas Cranach the Younger,1557
The Ill-Assorted Couple by Albrecht Dürer,c. 1496
Couples dancing in the dance house of Augsburg,1500
Bust of a woman from the workshop of Veit Stoss,c. 1500