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the words are written in white on a gray background with black and white text that reads,
a lantern and a heart on a wooden table
Mai Ige | Keresztyén Média UCB Hungary Alapítvány - Igefolyam | Mai Ige
a person holding a pen in their right hand and writing on the left side of the image
a black and white photo with a person sitting on a bench
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a cat sitting on top of a bed with a pen in it's mouth
two hands reaching out to each other in front of a black background with the words jesus
the text is written in green and black on a black background with an orange border
an orange that has been sliced in half with the caption's words below it
a poem with blue flowers and green leaves
an image of a snowy street light in the winter with words below it that read, december kirvenon
Nem csak decemberben
Joga, Mantras, Psicologia, True
an old scroll with writing on it and a feather quill in the middle,
Rózsaszál versek
a wooden plaque with flowers on it that says, aid me e desantiann
Szep idezetek,versek...
Szep idezetek,versek...
an image of a monk praying in the dark