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a wooden spinning wheel on top of a table
Soften your wool/linen
a bunch of forks that are sitting in a wooden box with some wood on it
Building a wool picker
a wooden weaving machine sitting on top of a green couch
a large wooden machine with metal blades on it's sides and two forks attached to the handle
Picker Plans
Plans for sale to make picker
the 5 books that taught me how to spin yarn on a spinning wheel with text overlay
The 5 Books that Taught Me How to Spin Yarn – Jillian Eve
two wooden brushes sitting on top of a sheep's fur covered ground with the words how to spin your own yarn
Learn How to Spin Yarn - How to Make Your Own Yarn
spinning pet fur into yarn with the words spinning pet fur into yarn
How to Spin Pet Fur Into Yarn
a wooden chair sitting on top of a lush green field next to a grass covered field
DIY Wool Picker
Making a DIY Wool Picker Find out more at #Spinning #Britishwool #Fibre #Wool #WoolPicker #Fibreprep
a wooden bench sitting on top of a pile of dirt next to a building with windows
DIY ... Fiber tumbler
the food is being cooked in the pot on the stove
Washing Raw Wool with Tori
three different types of wool sitting on top of a metal table next to each other
Alpaca Fleece . . . . Now What?
the words how to spin alpaca fiber on top of pictures of yarn and scissors
How to Spin Alpaca - From Farm to Yarn! – Jillian Eve
the sheep spot episode 6 why prep your own fiber?
Episode 6: Why prep your own fiber? — Sheepspot