those eyes.

Papu, a Bhopa woman from the Thar desert in Rajasthan, India. Photograph by Mirjam Letsch

Kuchi shepherd, Kashmir. Amazing bright red beard he has. Genetic mutation not common in that part of the world. But at some point during the silk and spice trading, the mutated gene was introduced into this mans ancestral family. So cool!

Face of a Kashmir man. It is common for men in Kashmir to use henna dye on their hair or beards. They also wear clothes of vivid colors. A subtle mix of colorful fabrics surrounds the man’s eyes, while his beard, like a flame, flickers from his chin.

Golden Eagle Nomads, Erbol

Striking photographs by John Delaney seek to document the vanishing Kazakh Nomads of Mongolia. Known also as Golden Eagle Riders for taming majestic eagles with over 7 foot wingspans, the Kazakh's nomadic way of life is in danger of being eradicated.

inspirationfeed:      Women in from the Chin region in Myanmar used to tattoo their faces so they wouldn’t be abducted and forced into marriage.

Tattooing the faces of young women is a tradition in Myanmar. Beautiful girls from villages in the Chin state had their faces tattooed in order to taint their beauty and stop men from other tribes and kingdoms from taking them away and forcing them.

Aborigine, Australia This looks like the actor, David Gulpilil, who played King George (grandfather) in the movie "Australia", 2008

born 1 July is an Indigenous Australian traditional dancer and actor. This is a shot from the "Australia" movie starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman

This man from the Beja tribe in southern Egypt bears a striking physical similarity to the Ancient Egyptians as they were described by the Greek historians of antiquity.

Afar Boy by Aleksandra Oldak // Africa: Ethiopia. Some say the Afar are descendants of the Egyptian pharaohs. They share some similarities in the way the men wear their hair and shawls draped loosely over their shoulders

.It is a rare and difficult attainment  to grow old gracefully and happily.  - Lydia Maria Francis Child

Bagobo Tribal Woman by Jojie Alcantara . “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.


mysleepykisser-with-feelings-hid: “ Robert Rallah, Elder of the Yaramun (Ringer’s Soak) Aboriginal Community. The Kimberley Western Australia.©Photo by David Dare Parker ”


Best body paintings from world’s tribes

Fantastic inspirational photograph of an Indonesian warrior with head dress and face paint.