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two dogs with crowns on their heads sitting next to each other in front of a white background
Domenica More Gordon's Felted Dogs-10
felt dogs by Domenica More Gordon--I first saw them on Man Shops Globe. They are amazing...I want one, but they cost enough I'd need to be able to drive it to work.
a teddy bear holding a stuffed animal in it's arms
a hand holding a tiny teddy bear in it's arms
three wire sculptures sitting on top of a table
This is how I made a skeleton from wire for needle felted dog sculpture
a small gray teddy bear sitting on top of a white table next to a blue checkered wall
happy little bear
Teddy bear
a small teddy bear with a red ribbon around it's neck standing in the snow
I Heart Etsy Fridays- Mount Royal Mint - My So Called Crafty Life
a stuffed animal with a red bow on top of a spool of thread in front of a white background
By Gretel Parker
three red and white fish with black eyes
Felt Koi - Make:
two small stuffed animals on a table
mini pipe cleaner bunny and dog - etsy artist is great -