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two trees with pink flowers in the foreground and a quote above them that reads, if you don't build your dream, it seems to help
:)))))) Sose....;)
a black and white cow standing on top of a lush green field next to other cows
the words are in spanish and english on a black background with white letters that spell out,
a wall sticker with the names of different languages in black, white and grey
Életbölcsesség hegyek :D
the jewish calendar is displayed on a yellow card with an arrow pointing up to it
Jewish months calendar
I wanted a simple calendar for my classroom which would show the entire Jewish year at a glance. So I made this: It is a laminated circle showing the Hebrew months set against the Gregorian calend...
a cartoon character sitting next to a dog on a dock with two speech bubbles above them
the body organs in greek and english with an image of what they mean to be
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the text is written in two different languages
an old man talking on a cell phone in front of a black background with words written below it