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The SEPECAT Jaguar is an Anglo-French jet ground attack aircraft, originally used by the British Royal Air Force and the French Armée de l'Air in the close air support and nuclear strike role.

Space Shuttle and MV-22 Ospreys

A group of Osprey aircrafts fly over space shuttle after a successful shuttle mission. This is awesome!

F-22 with bay open

Internal weapons bay of the Lockheed-Martin Lightning II, the world's most advanced fighter aircraft. The tail does look a lot like a from WWII

F-22 Raptor

Raptor A looking like it's about to go trans-sonic. Saw this fly at an airshow and amazed by its awesomeness. I could listen to the sound of its engines all day.

Perspective? Holy shit that's huge

My first drawings as a child involved jets, helicopters and lots of mechanical shite. As an adult my drawings look like jets, helicopters and lots of mechanical shite. This image makes me happy.