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Success Quote I will never fail. I am my own person. Nobody has a ounce of control of me and my happiness or sadness.

I can do this! #Quotes

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I so agree with this! I never thought I would run nearly 20 miles on a relay and lost nearly 70 lbs this year! (nearly 6 pant sizes!) so nothings impossible I guess! Ripped Strong Me Here I come! :)

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"Today I will do what other won't. so tomorrow I can do what others can't" - Dave's favourite motivational quote when he needs to push himself


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Fitness Inspiration : There Is Only One Way To Success It's called hard work - Fitness Magazine


Gymaholic - Fitness Made Simple Don’t even think about it Quitting is not an option. Leave it for the weak.

If only. Ugh. Gym life struggles lol

gymaaholic:If She Lifts And Cooks, Marry Her She is a beast in the gym, beauty outside the gym. What are you waiting for? LOL yup says Eric.^ he loves his tomboy Queen