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Barry Rowe Automotive Art

Images: Barry Rowe “An atmosphere and interaction that allows you to see every automobile at its finest.” Capturing light, atmosphere and auto racing with a unique and immersive style, Barry Rowe’s automobile art is uniquely evocative and .

Diy iron cleaning

for my flat iron? Diy iron cleaning/ did this last weekend. IT WORKS! (I just used the b soda and vinegar) found on another site the same mix to clean the inside of the oven door. Nice, no spray to breathe in and it is so painless. no scrubbing!

Chalkboard Wall Decal Monthly Calendar by SimpleShapes on Etsy

Chalkboard Wall Calendar with Memo - Vinyl Wall Decal, Chalkboard Decal, Calendar Decal, Blackboard Calendar, Blackboard decal

Jim Clark

Lotus 49 1967 :: Fors Cosworth normally aspirated engine :: first car to have the engine as a stressed member #classic #cars - 1938 - Auto Union Type D

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