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an image of a wooden house being built
DIY Cabin Plans: Building a Cabin with a Loft – Mother Earth News
Build This Cozy Cabin (For Less than $4,000). Anyone with basic carpentry skills can build this 14-by-20-foot cabin, which features a sleeping loft over the porch. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.
a wooden structure with instructions to build it and how to use it for the roof
Build a Streamlined Woodshed
Ideally, a woodshed is sized just tall enough to comfortably walk inside to stack firewood. With a shed roof, the deeper the structure, the taller it needs to be. A cord of stacked firewood takes up 128 cu. ft.—basically a 4-ft. by 4-ft. by 8-ft. pile. When planning your own shed, choose a height and floor layout that works for you, but don’t forget to consider adding a decent roof overhang on the front for extra protection from the elements - Fine Homebuilding
an image of a shed with plans for the roof and side walls, including wood framing
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
the different types of roofing materials and how they are used to protect them from sun damage
Southern Facing Windows in Passive Solar Houses | Green Passive Solar Magazine
Good, clear presentation of Seasonal Window Considerations for Passive Solar homes. Windows must be climate sensitive: check to see if they show be double or triple paned, or even covered with a thermal shade in coldest climates.
two diagrams showing how the stairs are connected to each other
Gallery of Passive House Pavilion of Longfor Sundar / SUP Atelier - 36
a diagram showing the inside of a house with heat, water and air sources in it
Rino Imóveis - Imobiliária em Registro SP - CRECI 31.768-J
the tiny house is shown with floor plans
Small 1 bedroom cabin plan, 1 shower room, options for 3 or 4-season included, wood stove
1 room and bath for business?
a man standing next to a fence with rocks in the ground and dirt around it
Earthbag Foundation
❧ Mesh reinforced concrete footing over rubble trench. This site details how to make a cob home.