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a drawing of the front end of a steering wheel, with measurements for each part
a drawing of an abstract design with circles
four different types of geometric shapes, each with one point at the center and two points at
Quadratic Number Spirals and Polygonal Numbers
an image of a triangle in the middle of a circle with one point on it
Golden triangle (mathematics) - Wikipedia
an apple cut out with circles and numbers on the side, next to it's image
Design by Nature: Using Universal Forms and Principals in Design
an abstract logo with circles and a black cat on it's head, in the middle
Branding design by Goran Jugovic - Ego - AlterEgo
an abstract line drawing with circles in the shape of spirals on a white background
El Patrón de los Números Primos: Prime Number Patterns
an apple logo is shown in three different colors and sizes, with the same size for each
The Do's and Don'ts of Using Logo Grids | VistaPrint US
a blue bird sitting on top of a white and black circle with circles around it
What is the golden ratio | Canva
an apple logo is shown in black and white, with circles around the top half
Design is Math
an image of a triangle with lines in the middle and one line at the bottom
How to Draw a Triquetra in 10 Easy Steps