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Self Care Wheel infographic. It's not selfish; it's necessary. What would your wheel look like?                                                                                                                                                     More

Self-Care Wheel. Do you care for yourself in all 6 areas of your life? This helpful wheel labels each one and describes how to care for yourself from each domain. Live a balanced and healthy life!

Therapist's Prescription for Better Health

Take care of yourself - mentally, physically and emotionally. A Therapist's Prescription for Better Mental Health - Sharon Martin Counseling & Personal Growth

How to Grow Cumin

How to Grow Cumin

Having a strategic goal is good. It means you have something to look forward to. But it's much better when you actually start taking steps towards your goal. The infographic below showcases one of the most important steps in the goal-achieving process - writing a plan.

A life without goals is useless. It is like a race without a finish line. When you live without a goal, life seems to be slowly ticking away and the chances that you start feeling dull and depressed increase. Read more at www.

⚜Ƒɽєɲʗɧ ʗouɲʈɽƴ ʗɧaɽm

there is aseperate pattern and movement flowing on top of the more traditional framework of the letter. Great idea to turn that movement into different letters --like a layered monogram. the style is nice because of the contrast and unity.

Roadmap to reinvention

Sometimes we have to look at ourselves & say enough is enough. Sometimes we have to face the brutal truth - its time to change, move out of this comfort zone & re-invent ourselves, Face our worst fears. Swallow our pride & ask for help if needs be.