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a bedroom with yellow curtains and white furniture
a bed sitting next to a wooden dresser in a bedroom under a window with a mirror on the wall
Ladekast Luxe Slaapkamer
the bed is made up and ready to be put into its new owner's box
Cardboard cut out headboard. Measure width and height of bed. Draw shape using household objects as a guide (ruler, bowl, top of mirror, etc). Double cardboard, put together with duct tape. Cover with batting, secure with staple gun, then cover with fabric, staple on. Finish with upholstery tacks (Decotacks) if desired.
an unfinished tray is sitting on the floor next to some other items that are being assembled
How to Make an Upholstered Headboard
Lay fabric and batting on floor or worktable to cut them to wrap around a wood headboard frame.
the plans for a bed frame with drawers
Full Storage (Captains) Bed
a wooden block sitting on top of a hard wood floor
the top ten headboards under $ 300 are up for grabs and they look great
Shopping Guides
A beautiful bed does not have to be expensive! These 10 affordable headboards cost less than $300 each! Beautify your bedroom now!
the names of different houses in english and french