Aurora Silverman

Aurora Silverman

Aurora Silverman
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Undertale Gijinkas 1/3: Papyrus and Sans (rule63))

2015 androgynous artist name beanie black sclera blue (hopebiscuit) eating food food on head frisk (undertale) genderswap glowing glowing eye hamburger hat holding hands hoodie object on head personification plump sans sausage shirt short hair shorts

Bendy this is the internet. Sorry my friend but you are not scaping them

Poor Bendy, The Internet is a creepy creeper place, it's so bad that cheeky lil' Devils are at stake😑😂

Hans ~ Rokka no Yuusha (Magia, Fantasía, Misterio, Aventura, Acción)

ahoge collarbone crossed legs en grin hair over one eye hans humpty in tree knife looking at viewer patches rokka no yuusha sitting sitting in tree smile solo tree yellow eyes