The best Tiramisu recipe: Find the original Italian recipe to make the delicious Tiramisu dessert! Exquisite dessert with coffee from Italy.

coconut cream pie

Easy Coconut Cream Pie – It looks like a special-occasion dessert, but this scrumptious coconut cream pie is so easy you could whip it up any old time. Maybe use coconut milk or cream with the pudding.


Put all ingredients, in order, in a blender. For that special touch, spoon into a crystal wine glass and top with a small squirt of spray can whipped cream and a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

chocolate cakes

Mississippi Mud Dessert Brownies: Instead Of The Listed Toppings, I Pressed Chocolate Chips Into The Batter Before It Baked And Topped It With Chocolate Sauce And Vanilla Ice Cream.

peruvian sigh

Suspiro a la Limeña (Caramel meringue parfait) Delicious Peruvian dessert


slice of pavlova