Zsuzsanna Bihari

Zsuzsanna Bihari

Zsuzsanna Bihari
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I had forgotten how good this was until my teenage son roped me into a 2-day marathon. Love Kristen Bell.

Their making a Veronica Mars movie! I just have to wait a year to see it though :( 2014

1. the photographer captured some great moments  2. Wouldn't it be bomb to be able to do a fraction of what these people can do?

shaking photographs of dance by Alexander Yakovlev. He is really amazing photographer he did a fantastic job by capturing the beautiful pictures of dance

5 ways to cut a t-shirt to make it cute

Our "Autostraddle This" t-shirts are available!) So we're preparing for their arrival with this DIY advice: turn your ill-fitting / beaten up t-shirts into pants, tote bags, patches or restyled, cuter shirts! Little or no sewing skills required.