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Minimalism in aquascaping--the Iwagumi style tank [design] - Imgur

Takashi Amano is one of the greatest aquascapers! Nature Aquariums and Aquascaping Ideas by Takashi Amano - Image 13 : Creative Aquarium Hardscape

Astounding 100 Aquascape Ideas For a diverse and more successful aquarium, various different kinds of plants ought to be used. Inside this case always elect for plastic plants or you could say artificial plants that are available in a range to pick from. For this reason, you need to put them under plants that are taller. In case you are growing high maintenance plants you might want to think about an aquatic soil or clay.

minimal tank by zero-fact a Japanese aquascaper. A masterpiece of art and in creating a minimalistic layout

Iwagumi. I like the idea of bunching the rock into a back corner. A lot of aquarium real estate is under utilized in the corners, normally.

The fish will delight in a wide collection of frozen and dried foods. The water has to be properly oxygenated by means of a very good filtration system, and cleaned on a normal basis, as this enables them to stay healthy

A fantastic 84l nature iwagumi aquarium by Attila Varga, aka attibva

A fantastic nature iwagumi aquarium by Attila Varga, aka attibva – just 10 days after setup. Interim snapshots illustrate the stunning development of the montecarlo carpet below. is a relatively hardy pearl grass,.

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This is my first nano tank. its actually just meant as a temporary tank to hold fishes and shrimps while my larger "showcase" tank was und.