nagyon - nagyon szeretem az animéket és a mangákat ^^ (I'm hungary) és otaku vagyok :)
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Frozen fan art of Elsa and Anna. This shows the two mixing emotions and produces a dark and light atmosphere. The art style on each side is different with sharp strokes on the right showing aggression for the cold and smoother softer strokes on the left for sweet and kind emotions.

Elsa and Anna from the Disney Movie Frozen.seems I drew this a little late.I gonna say,I love the sisters.And my favourite song of the movie is Life's too short(outtake)  from the original sou.

Let me tell you about Hetalia

For me as a French person why is this so accurate? But for Brits, we are assholes. << yes us brits are utter dicks, and we all revel in it<< as an American, sadly, many of that is true.

most awesome genderbend ever ... FemAustria x MaleHungary

most awesome genderbend ever . FemAustria x MaleHungary


Makoto Tachibana, Haruka Nanase, Rin Matsuoka y Sousuke Ryuugasaki. is it official art? <<< asdfghjkl I think this IS official art ✨(❇_❇)✨