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Droga 5 x The Tide
Droga5 captures the cutting edge fluidity of London’s first riverside linear park, The Tide. #exhibit #design #architecture #droga5
the trees are tall and have white squares on them
ThingsWeLike / HypeForType
Incredible hanging bottle typography. Hanging Bottle Typography by Alex Haigh. I think that it is a great example of successful type creation with unusual materials. (I cannot imagine how long it took to string that many bottles up, and to have the type be so clear and legible!)
the word boss is surrounded by trees and fog
How to Create a Quick Mirrored Landscape Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop | Envato Tuts+
How to Create a Quick Mirrored Landscape Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop
a poster with words written on it in black and white
For your dose of daily inspiration head to http://dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com/2015/08/free-mirror-mantras-your-daily-virtual-fist-bump-from-us/
three mirrored mirrors sitting in the middle of a field with tall grass and blue sky
Fashion & Culture | AnOther
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
two pictures of trees that have been wrapped in white paper and tied to the ground
Photography, Nature Photography, Art, 3D installations, and Photography Inspiration image inspiration on Designspiration
Zander Olsen's Tree Line Project
two pictures with flowers and the words always written on them
Sagmeister killing it as always.
the cover art for mode 2
black and white, graphic design, poster, typography
Bubble Wrap Typography by Lo Siento in Lighting inspiration
Typography image inspiration on Designspiration
Bubble Wrap Typography by Lo Siento in Lighting inspiration
four different images of hands holding black and white objects in the shape of letter c
Tien-Min Liao, "Handmade" http://etapes.com/manipulations-typographiques-en-un-tour-de-main
bananas cut into the shape of letters spelling out words
super duper · Miss Moss
Miss Moss · super duper
an abstract piece of art with white and black paint
pinterest.com/fra411 #calligraphic
two different types of metal letters and the word type spelled in cursive writing
Experimental typography in photography. Design.
a pink float sign sitting on top of a swimming pool
Summer vibes
‘Summer Vibes’ by Jessica Chapiness & Yonito Tanu
an image of some food that is in the air with words above it and below it
25 Killer Custom Typefaces - A Brand Design Asset - Truly Deeply - Brand Strategy & Creative Agency Melbourne
Karamel3 {H} #huddletwitt
the letters and numbers are written in different ways on the street surface, including graffiti
ALPHABITUMES rouge Les ALPHABITUMES sont des lettres captées sur le bitume !
three different types of flowers arranged in the shape of letters
HI(NY) design by Hitomi Watanabe Deluca and Iku Oyamada
bride and groom chair-Initial accents to add to center of wreath or tie w/ bow on corner of spray Opt: capital or lower case
black and white photograph of an unmade bed with clothes on it
four different photographs of various objects in the same room, including an umbrella and chair
Stefan Sagmeister
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