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Nefer pendants and beads  	  				  			Egyptian, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, 1550–1295 B.C.

necklace with Nefer pendants, beads and gold jackal amulet. Egyptian, New Kingdom, Dynasty B. Twenty-four electrum nefer pendants; two triple nefer pendants; fifty-one barrel beads. Strung with grouped ball beads of dark and light blue glass.

Azalea (rhododendron mucronatum) 'Alba Magna'

Close-up of pair of white azalea flowers, rhododendron mucronatum 'Alba Magna', Vancouver, BC

Egypt | Necklace of gold wire with single carnelian bead; ends looped for fastening.

Nubian/Early Kerma c.C, necklace of gold wire with single carnelian bead