Bacskay Botond

Bacskay Botond

Bacskay Botond
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Daan Botlek, imaginative street art, graffiti art, street artists, urban murals, urban art, mr pilgrim art.

Illusion: Artist Daan Botlek continuously draws strange faceless-characters in different types of storylines. Much of his work is illustrated on paper, but another part is large-scale murals (which you can see here). Photos © Daan Botlek Via Boooooom.

According to social psychologist there are 5 components of emotional intelligence. We all have one that is our strongest.

Mario S. Nevado (aka Aegis Strife) created a striking photo manipulation. Called Deliberation, it was of a stunning statue in incredible distress as she's burning up from within.


The cartoon and colorful creations to the street artist / illustrator , Australian origin, based in New York. YOK has exhibited his work in Berlin, New York,

Aryz street art

Celebrated pieces by ARYZ one of the worlds great urban artists // See more graffiti art, street art, wall murals & urban art online on Mr Pilgrim

street art

So happy Italy’s Thoms is in the GSA Book. He’s an artist with a brilliant sense of how to use space and a great sense of humour. Thoms - we salute you sir!