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a bathroom with pink and orange wallpaper on the walls, black sink and mirror
Home that hasn't changed since 1969 goes on sale in Massachusetts
a rack filled with lots of different types of shoes on it's sides and bottom shelves
Suncoast Vintage Bathroom Supplies
an old fashioned bathroom with black and white tiles on the floor, tub, sink and toilet
Members' Gallery - The Greenleaf Miniature Community
Members' Gallery - The Greenleaf Miniature Community
a bath tub sitting under a bathroom mirror next to a tiled wall with black and blue tiles on it
Dazzling Tile for Art Deco Baths
ABOVE: The pastel pink sink and matching tile have been in this 1925 Seattle bungalow since the beginning; the aquatic mural is recent. The tank on a stand is an antique fish aquarium.Photo by Doug KeisterBungalow bathrooms before 1920 were of the “sanitary white” persuasion. Not so the bathrooms built after the mid-1920s! Colorful tile came first, followed in the late ’20s by colored plumbing fixtures in ivory and pastels. Color exploded in the 1930s with the introduction of toilets and sink...
a bathroom with green tiles and a white bathtub in the corner next to a sink
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Colorful Old-House Bathrooms. The late 1920s witnessed a shift in thinking on the ideal bathroom's design, transforming an austere white space into one that was blooming in color.
a bathroom with two sinks and tiled walls
Terrific bathroom tile ideas from 12 reader bathrooms - Retro Renovation
Vintage Pink Bathroom Ideas | Terrific bathroom tile ideas from 12 reader bathrooms - Retro ...
an advertisement for pink bathroom tiles from the 1950's, with women in bathrobes and towels
Pearlescent and Marbleized
Pearlescent and Marbleized Montgomery Ward Fall & Winter Catalog 1958 "Ceramic Tile Designed for 'Do-It-Yourselfers'"
a bathroom with green tile walls and flooring is pictured in this image, it appears to be very clean
Art Deco Bathroom Tiles | visit visualphotos com
an old fashioned bathroom with green walls and tile flooring, including a bathtub
vintage style bathroom- like the ceiling and tub cornice
a woman standing in front of a bathroom mirror
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A 1960s grooviness (as well as an updated edgy design for toilets) is evident in the turquoise fixtures of this American Standard ad from 1968, billed as the height of bathroom fashions at the time.
a white sink sitting under a faucet next to a wall covered in bubbles
10 Amazing Bathroom Tiles
10 Amazing Bathroom Tiles
a bath tub sitting next to a tiled wall
BUBBLE - Indoor mosaic tile by EVERSTONE | ArchiExpo
cute use of Everstone bubble mosaic glass nice addition of color without being overwhelming
a bathroom with a vanity, mirror and stool in yellow colors on the floor next to it
The Giki Tiki
1970s Bathroom
a bathroom with pink and green tiles on the floor, sink, toilet and mirror
1,000 Save The Pink Bathrooms photos - Retro Renovation
pink and green
three people in a jacuzzi tub with mirrors on the wall
Två badkar? Dröm
a woman sitting in a bathtub with flowers on the counter
Teeny Tub
a bathroom with two sinks, mirrors and lights on the wall above them is shown
Oodles of Pictures of “The Citation” Home Taken By Reader Ron During Modern Tulsa’s Open House!
The main bathroom in "The Citation" Home. This has the same look as the bath in our house.
a bathroom with a toilet, sink and mirror
Nanette's 1940's Vintage Bathroom
This is what I want. And provides a solution for the floor transition.
a bathroom with green tile and white fixtures, including a bathtub in the corner
1940s green tile bathroom. seafoam?
an old advertisement for the bathroom sink in pink and white with a woman sitting at it
Formica vintage Advertisement - vintage bathroom with the pink cabinets..
an instagramted photo of a bathroom with orange, pink and yellow stripes on the walls
Super Graphic Toilet.
LA PEINTURE <3. Super Graphic Toilet
a bathroom with a chair, shower head and wooden beams on the ceiling is shown
Art, Design, Creative People
a black and white bathroom with pictures on the wall above the toilet, along with a striped rug
Art, Design, Creative People
a woman standing in front of a bath tub next to a blue sink and mirror
"What Happened to My Bathtub??"
Turquoise & white bathroom. "What Happened to My Bathtub??" Better Homes and Gardens, May 1969
a white bath tub sitting under a window next to a sink
A House that Says Hello
the Hello House was designed by OOF! architecture
a black and white tiled bathroom with shelves
A House with a Cool Design
a bathroom with white walls and wooden floors
22 Beautiful Bathroom Shower Ideas for Every Style
very cool shower