Life : An Experience Everybody Goes Through .....

Its about my blog and itspost covering the wide aspect of Life . Hope you'll like it :-)))))))))
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Everybody as I met Laughed and cry Often no sees And a long good-byes Deep in my heart throughout Something kept the sigh Nothing lasts , nothing lasts . So many years passed Many more weeks , days...

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She used to pray for his well-being all the day . Undoubtedly family responsibilities is what she was taking care of but then his thoughts used to mesmerize her making her forget about everything ....

grief definition: The definition of grief is a feeling of great sadness, especially when caused by a loss or death, or grief can describe being the cause of trouble for someone. (noun) An example of grief is what you feel after your spouse dies.

Poems | lifeanexperience

Poems | lifeanexperience

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Picture of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poet and author of Sonnets from the Portugese poet; nineteenth century British Literature / English Literature and poetry

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When our minds and bodies are clear we're free to have a more energetic and joyous life. Here are 4 tips to help de-stress, rejuvenate and feel fabulous!