Zohara - Hungarian folk art pattern design on Behance

Zohara - Hungarian folk art pattern design by Anna M., via Behance Yeah, I am stretching it's board placement!

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Kingdom of Hungary (1920-1944):  The irredentist Magyar Hiszek Egy ("The Hungarian Creed" written by Mrs. Elemér Papp-Váry, née Szeréna Sziklay (1881-1923). Recited each morning by Hungarian school children during the Horthy era. "I believe in Hungary’s resurrection!" referring to revision of the Treaty of Trianon, 1920.

Kingdom of Hungary, irredentist anti-Treaty of Trianon poster. Yellow map outline shows borders.

Bujdosó Székely vendéglő, étterem

Bujdosó Székely vendéglő, étterem

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