I want this!!-- Less permanent than a tattoo.

-- Less permanent than a tattoo. Signature Bracelet, Handwriting Bracelet, Personalized Name Bracelet, Word Bracelet, Nameplate bracelet (LOVEEEEE)

like the laced chains in this diy bracelet#diy jewelry


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DIY - cute leather bracelet. This looks easy enough.

Leather and embroidery floss bracelet. A new way to do the bracelet like the one Caleb made me. THis is a good idea.

Cool Shoe Lace Bracelets | Trusper

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chain handpiece.  Litter designs is also very cool too.  I feel like I could make this....

LAST Silver Recycled Metal 3 Triangle Web Chain Bracelet Ring Connector Handpiece

Necklace turned summer bracelet :D

Armlet Slave Bracelet Arm Bracelet Piece Hipster by FunnyPeopleCo. If I wear an arm bracelet, I love ones with a simple design.