Thread and nails – 16 string art for original interiors

Thread and nails – 16 string art for original interiors

Cool string art

Modern String Art Wooden Tablet Adorable Owl by NineRed on Etsy

How To Make Your Own String Art Wall Decor

Vintage Peacock String Art Wall Hanging Decor Velvet Backed . I wonder if I could do this myself for a diy gift?

embroidery string art

Original Handmade Parabolic Line Design String Art von StringExpressions

string art!

This could be cool on a much larger scale in a kids bedroom with bright colors

Cadeia de caracteres arte ritmo sinal de batida de coração parede arte Interior от OneRoots

I would see about doing this with Emma's heartbeat. String Art Rhythm Heart Beat Sign Wall Art Interior by OneRoots

String Art Cross by hwstringart on Etsy, $30.00

The Holy Cross - DIY String Craft Idea Up for something religiously gorgeous? Then use up few nails, the unused wooden planks and sufficient strings. Help your kids crafts a beautiful red cross on the wooden base and hand it upon your room to glam it u