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The Celts Sack Rome and Destroy Most Records 390 BCE – 387 BCE A statue of Brennus by an unknown French artist. The Celts, under their chieftain Brennus or Brennos, defeated Roman armies in the Battle of the Allia and sacked Rome. With the exception of the Capitoline Hill, the Celts plundered the city and destroyed nearly all records.

The Battle of the Allia was a battle of the first Gallic invasion of Rome. The battle was fought near the Allia river: the defeat of the Roman army opened the route for the Gauls to sack Rome.

Viking Neck Torc Terminals by Urweg: 1) Urnes Dragon 2) Wolf 3) Cat 4) Raven

Viking Neck Torc Terminals by Urweg: Urnes Dragon Wolf Cat Raven