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an empty room with some lights on the wall and wood flooring in front of it
NMC | LED Licht-Fußbodenleistenrahmen | WALLSTYL® | Aluminium | 17 x 60 mm | Für NMC Fußbodenleisten
a kitchen counter with a microwave, sink and light on the wall above it at night
Alumínium profil LED szalaggal
a close up of a light on the side of a wall with text reading mc - 302
Prestige Decor homlokzati díszléc LED rejtett világításhoz (MC 302) védőbevonattal
the stairs are lit up with white lights
Making Stairs Safe.
Stairs are a necessary component in homes and businesses. Although functional, they can also be a design statement. The building of stairs, as well as most construction, has mandatory guidelines re...
a bathroom with white tile walls and lights on the ceiling above the toilet seat area
3 Cabinet Remodeling Details That Really Transform Your Standard Cabinetry — DESIGNED
LED undercabinet lighting used in my kitchen remodel, angled so as not to reflect into the countertop below.
an empty room with a bed, desk and lamp on the wall in front of it
Lichtleiste "QL011" | VLD Trade GmbH
an empty room with some lights on the ceiling and a mirror in front of it
Rejtett világítás készítés
RV-01/A mennyezeti rejtett világítás díszléc + LED szalag hidegfehér színben