This is so cute for the beginning of the year!

back to school survival kit. Present to class their Survival kit in small groups and use as a team bonding activity. Provide Challenge with kit

Getting to know you                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Getting to Know Your Students. Get to know your students with a student interest gallery walk. Use it at the beginning of the school year, after breaks, or open house and meet the teacher nights.

Our 4th grade class could create our own "Bill of Rights" while we study the real thing during Celebrate Freedom Week.

Classroom Bill of Rights. I would use this after discussing the Bill of Rights and once the students have an understanding of what the Bill of Rights were and and types of issues they covered we would then be able create our own Classroom Bill of Rights.

I love this because it specifys exactly what the students should do and identifies things that have consequences so there are no surprises    With some adaptation this could be good for homeschooling too.

ANCHOR CHARTS: Use with the book The Peaceful Classroom by Naomi Drew and the No, David books by David Shannon to set up classroom rules and distinguish a peacemaker from a peacebreaker.

A classroom question/survey for each day I have my whole class. Intro into discussion of rules/expectations.

Adventures of a Grade Teacher: Six Classroom Questions School is important because. How do you work best? Alone, With Partner, in group? In this class we should ____ everyday

Family rules, Dekoráció, Otthon, lakberendezés, Kép, Falikép, Meska

Family rules (DreamDecor

Family rules, Dekoráció, Otthon, lakberendezés, Kép, Falikép, Meska

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