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Rihanna & Blunt

I love when celebrity get caugh smoking weed. Rip that shit Rihanna ;

smartphone boom or bored by the same ceremony?

Funny pictures about How smartphone has ruined the world. Oh, and cool pics about How smartphone has ruined the world. Also, How smartphone has ruined the world.

Darth Vader balloon.

Found a new thing to add to my bucket list: a ride in a Darth Vader hot air balloon.


TREES ADOPT SELF-DEFENSE redpeak: “ When German rainforest non-profit Oro Verde needed help spreading their message, who did they turn to to help? Trees of course! Placing signs on trees all over a.

Natural and Healthy.

^_^ i luv cum so much cant ever seem to get enough nothing on earth taste as good to me feed me it all

Jesus loves you if you loves Jesus.

"That's it, get on your knees, open your mouth and praise me like you mean it." Let go of my ears jesus! I knoew what im doing.