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looking up at the top of a palm tree with bright sun shining through its leaves
Baros Maldives Luxury Resort
a group of fish swimming in the ocean with blue sky and white clouds above them
Over Under by Michelle de Villiers / 500px
an underwater scene with fish and corals
snowdrops are growing out of the snow in front of an i ambol sign
an underwater view of some plants and water lilies
Prints of Waterlily (Nymphaea alba) flower which has opened underwater in a lake. Alps, Ain, France, June
a field full of red and blue flowers next to a green hillside with mountains in the background
Álvaro on Twitter
purple flowers growing in the grass next to a tree trunk with mossy bark on it
Carpet of crocuses portait
a field full of yellow and blue flowers
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the sun shines through daisies on a sunny day
Flickriver: Mimmi Bäckman's most interesting photos
some white flowers with red stamens on them
Dreamy blossom
white flowers with green stems in the foreground and sky in the backround
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many red and white flowers are growing in the sunbeams, with trees in the background